Reduce real fast and real efficient: Liposuction

Reduce real fast and real efficient: Liposuction

  • Reduce real fast and real efficient Liposuction surgery

A cosmetic corrective that reduces your fat and makes you look absolutely different and slim. Why keep sagging all that fat when you can get rid of it through this surgery. This cosmetic surgery shall be considered when all dieting, medicines stop working on the excess fat that you have developed. This surgery helps you reduce all that excess fat and also helps you get rid of the dilapidated.

Excess of fat is stored in the tissue called adipose tissue inside the body. In human beings, the additional fat gets stored in your beneath the skin. With the advancement in technology, the time and cost have both been reduced in this process. Moreover, liposuction is suitable for all skin types and is possible on the entire body. Liposuction is all invasive and almost painless.

How is the Liposuction surgery performed?

The surgery is performed by specialized and sterilized instruments. The main instrument is called ‘cannulas’.The cannulas are inserted into the fatty tissue. The particular areas are marked prior to the surgery over the body. By the process of liposuction, the excessive fat is sucked out from the body.

Swelling and bruising are common post surgery on the body but they go with time if taken good care of. There are various techniques used for Liposuction like:

  1. Suction-assisted Liposuction

  2. Laser-assisted Liposuction

  3. Ultrasound assisted Liposuction

Go, do the research! Check out the best centers like the Radiance Cosmedic Centre and get rid of the unwanted fat from your body.

Shred some kilos and rock your transformation.

Things to factor in before selecting a hair transplant clinic in Delhi, India

  • Things to factor in before selecting a hair transplant clinic in Delhi, India

Even the very mention of surgery, however difficult or easy to pull off, brings about an apprehensive atmosphere among people, as they start to consider the various factors required to properly execute a procedure. Hair transplantation is a cosmetic process that is very minimally invasive, sticking to only the movement of hair follicles. Here are some things you might want to consider carefully before you decide to go in for it.

Surgeons expertise

Selecting a clinic with a qualified and reputed doctor to perform the surgery is the first factor that anyone looking to get a transplant. Looking at the surgeon’s qualifications, the rate of successful surgeries and skill should take precedence. You might want to spend a little extra time checking out your doctor’s background. After all, is it wise to leave your hair in the wrong hands? Dr. Mayank Singh of Radiance Cosmedic Centre is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon and is a recognized leading expert in his field. He earned his M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), M.S. (Master of Surgery) and Magister Chirurgiae (M.Ch.) in Plastic Surgery and Burns as a gold medalist from Gujarat University.

Clinic and equipment

The fact that a well-sanitized, hygienic location is required to perform any surgery, to prevent infection and disease is missed out by a lot of small clinics and surgical centers. It is really not that hard to get a license for these clinics in India. This makes it even more crucial to check that the clinic is not only legitimate but also meets international standards of surgery. The usage of high-quality equipment should also be ensured. You don’t want something to go wrong simply because the doctor used a malfunctioning laser machine. Radiance Cosmedic Centre in the Delhi NCR is fully equipped with all modern medical tools and a highly trained and supportive staff to take care of your specific needs.

Communicate with the doctor

When you wouldn’t even get your car washed by an unknown person, would you let an unknown doctor perform an extensive procedure on you? It is essential to have a face to face consultation with your doctor first and understand his artistic approach, his skills, and his limitations. Place importance on discussing where you would like your hair to be positioned, and whether the surgeon can realistically achieve the results that you expect and require. Dr. Singh never burdens patients with promises he cannot keep and believes in down to earth expectations 


Especially in countries like India, where even the slightest saving on a product can affect its sale, the cost of the hair transplant procedure should be looked over. Hopefully, you can get an elite clinic with a superior surgeon in a range that fits your pocket. With easy to make appointments and not too over-the-top pricing, Radiance Cosmedic Centre will go easy on your wallet.

Hair transplant technique 

Currently, two tested and foolproof hair transplantation methods exist – FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Choose the one which suits you better, they both have a different set of pros and cons. They both have varying costs, techniques and are both used in different cases. The Radiance Cosmedic Centre website gives a detailed explanation of the different techniques involved in hair grafting, and will help in choosing the one that is appropriate for you. Other than that you can always place a call to their helpline, or arrange for an appointment for an in-depth guide.

Previous patients and their experiences

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A good indication of how well a clinic is doing in terms of hair transplant is to check up on reviews by previous patients who have gone through the same procedure. This will give you a rough idea about how well the procedure usually goes, and how comfortable a customer feels being treated in the clinic of your choice. With over 2500+ successful cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Mayank Singh’s success with his treatments speaks for itself.

Post-operative care

Other than the procedure that you undergo, the care that you receive after is also a significant factor that you should consider before your treatment. There are certain do’s and don’ts that should be reflected on post your surgery, and the clinic should be clear about these issues.

The patients should be aware of the common side-effects they might face after hair transplantation

Top side effects of Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get back your lost hair and recover from baldness in today’s era. So, if you are constantly losing hair in massive amount and you are thinking to go for a hair transplant; you would not be the only person. All across the world, there are millions of people who have chosen the way of hair transplantation for hair restoration procedures so as to boost up your self-esteem and self-confidence. However, hair restoration or hair transplant is a successful medical procedure but still chances are always there for certain side effects to occur. So, it becomes necessary for you to have consultations and awareness about all the side-effects that are likely to occur when you have a hair transplantation surgery done.

While some side-effects are quite common and not so risky, while others are quite rare; some are quite temporary while some last for a longer period of time.

Radiance Cosmedic Centre provides you with excellent services of hair transplantation surgical procedures and its outstanding doctors and experienced surgeons reduce the chances of having such side-effects, but since human bodies differ, the patients are likely to react to the procedure and medication in different ways. So, we counsel the patients before the surgery regarding probability of these side-effects.

Given below are some of the side-effects that might be observed by the patients that undergo hair transplantation.

  1. Hair Shedding

When the patient gets a hair transplantation done, they are likely to experience the issue of hair shedding first. It is claimed to be a natural process after hair transplantation which happens because the roots of the hair get intact and the hair shaft wither down and the hair growth starts from the root again. The hairs that have been transplanted fall out in about 2-3 weeks and the new growth of hair becomes visible within 3-4 months.

  1. Bleeding

Whether it is a follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction method, you are likely to have some cuts and nicks, and there are chances to have a little blood loss too. While the most experienced doctors of Radiance Cosmedic Centre will ensure that the blood loss is minimised still there are slight chances of blood ooze in the post-surgery period. So we let our patients know of these certain things so that they might not panic.

  1. Infections

In hair transplantation surgeries, it becomes important for you to choose good doctors and surgeons because then you can be sure that you will not have to face any infections. However, even with the best facilities there are slight chances for the patients to be prone to certain infections for which a short course of antibiotics is necessary.

  1. Pain

A hair transplantation procedure, FUE or FUT is a surgical process and there are chances to have some amount of pain, especially in FUT. The doctor administers sedatives and anaesthesia before conducting surgeries to diminish the pain, however in some rare cases, there is pain even after the surgical procedure has been completed. Some painkillers are also prescribed to avoid the excruciating pains in the post-op period.

  1. Itching

Itching is one of the most common side effects and is experienced that a majority of people who undergo a hair transplantation surgeries. The itching might take place due to the formation of scabs at the transplant site. Spraying the prescribed solution on the grafts might help you tackle such issues and then it is recommended to wash the scalp with a medication shampoo after the initial weeks of the surgery.

  1. Swelling

Some of the patients might experience swelling on their forehead, while others might experience it around their eyes. Normally, such swelling tends to subside with the passage of time, however, Radiance Cosmedic Centre excels in providing medical services that have been devised with safe latest techniques, therefore, there are hardly seen any of our patients who have reported of having such issues.

  1. Numbness

The numbness is often observed due to the cutting of nerves in FUT procedure. However, at our Radiance Cosmedic Centre, our doctors and surgeons stand out in avoiding any nerve damage and hence numbness of any kind.

  1. Scarring

If a patient has undergone an FUE procedure, then the patient is likely to have tiny micro scars, which would disappear in a few weeks. Moreover, when new hair grows, these dot-like marks will get hidden. However, in an FUT procedure, then the patient is bound to have a linear scar, but with proper hair growth the patient won’t be required to worry about anything.

  1. Cysts

The cysts might appear in the form of a cluster of pimples which disappear in a few weeks, but if they do not, then you must visit the doctor. However the expert surgeons of Radiance Cosmedic Centre take care while extraction of grafts that they don’t leave any buried hair.

So, we at Radiance Cosmedic Centre make sure that each and every detail is told to the patients before the surgery is conducted and take care of our patients to the best of our abilities. So, why to go anywhere else? Feel free to approach Radiance Cosmedic Centre for safe hair transplantation surgeries and consultation.

Author’s Bio:

This article was written by Dr. Mayank Singh, an Experienced hair transplant doctor in India & founder of Radiance Cosmedic Centre. He has done 2500+ Cosmetic, Plastic and Hair Surgery in Delhi, India.

Common questions asked by patients when it comes to hair transplant

  • Common questions asked by patients when it comes to hair transplant

Undergoing a hair transplant is an important, even life-changing, step so here are some very common questions asked by patients

  1. How much will it cost?

In India, hair transplant is quite affordable and in many cases clinics offer very cheap price but that does not mean the quality of service might be great. Hair transplant is a very delicate procedure and requires skills of a plastic surgeon and the cost is always slightly high because for the quality one must pay a reasonable price.

  1. Who should I go to for my surgery?

This is a very simple question to answer and one must always choose a plastic surgeon because this is a cosmetic surgery and only a plastic surgeon can do justice. In India, even general practitioners are doing this surgery but often the end results are not very good.

  1. How much will it hurt?

There is always some pain in any surgery and anyone who claims otherwise is just lying. The only time the patient will feel discomfort is when the anesthetics are given to numb the head so that the follicles can be extracted and implanted in the designated area.

  1. How noticeable will the scarring be?

Scarring depends on the type of hair transplant technique the doctor will use. In FUE there will be no scarring and in FUT there will be a thin linear scar on the back of the head but once the hair starts to grow it will not be visible.

  1. How long before signs of growth are visible?

Initial signs of growth can take anything from three to four months because the newly implanted hair will follow the hair’s natural growth cycle. Beyond that, the full effects will take around nine to twelve months.

  1. Will everyone know?

If you want this to be secret then stay away from people you know for few weeks so the healing process is complete or you can wear a hat as the surgical area will be red and a little obvious. After the procedure, the hair grows slowly but if the doctor has done everything right and you have also followed the given instructions then you will have natural hair growth and no one will be able to tell the difference.

  1. Will the results be permanent?

The hair follicles that are transplanted are genetically-resistant against baldness that is why hair from the back and the side are selected because they have that quality. However, there could be hair loss on different areas of your head which is not in the control of the doctor.

  1. When will I need the next hair transplant?

In most cases, the doctor will ensure the coverage is completed in just one sitting but at times when the hair loss is extensive a second sitting is the logical step and may be performed after eighteen months or longer.

  1. How long will I need to rest?

The best news is you just have to take a couple of days off, so if you had the surgery on Friday then you can relax during the weekend and join office on Monday like everything is normal. But it is important not to put any physical pressure on the body for few weeks and avoid alcohol and cigarettes for the same amount of period as tobacco and liquor prove an impediment in the healing of the head and the growth process. – help answer to the need for those suffering from genetics, to those who may lose their hair due to medical conditions and treatments. Find out about all the best hair loss products, treatments, including all the information you need about getting a hair transplant.

How to estimate the cost of the hair transplant procedures

  • How to estimate the cost of the hair transplant procedures

In today’s era, hair loss has become a major problem being faced by not only men but women as well. Hence, the demand for hair transplants has skyrocketed in recent years, but “how much does the hair transplant surgeries cost” remains one of the most frequently asked questions till today. There are various different techniques involved in hair transplantation, hence, the overall cost of hair transplant surgeries depends on a number of factors which include the number of grafts required to be made for the surgeries, the method adopted for transplantation as well as the reputation and the location of the clinic.

People who have been recommended for undergoing a hair transplant procedure must be well aware of sufficient information on price and availability of the hair transplant surgeries in the nearby areas. However, advances in technology and development of hair restoration techniques have resulted in hair transplants to become more accessible and more affordable for the common people. Before undergoing hair transplant surgeries, it becomes important for the patients to get a clear idea about how much money they are going to spend on the treatment.


  1. The surgical procedures that are needed to be performed
  • The technologies used -The cost of the transplant depends on the surgical procedures that are undertaken. The use of laser technologies for your transplant would definitely demand a high fee.
  • The number of follicular grafts made, used and transplanted – The treatment cost also depends on the number of follicular grafts that are made and transplanted. If the patient is going through the stage of baldness, a larger area of the scalp needs to be covered and transplanted with hair; hence the cost will be higher as compared to the first or second stage patients.
  • The density of hair desired – The density of the hair desired by the patients on their scalp also plays a major role in deciding the cost of the procedure.
  1. The location of the clinic:

The average price of a hair transplant surgery in the United States ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 while hair transplant procedures costs in Turkey start at $1,599. The final price depends on the amount of hair being transplanted.

So, the money on such surgeries totally differs from country to country and area to area. The procedure is much expensive in countries like the United States and UK while they are much reasonable and affordable in India, Turkey and other developing countries. The hair transplant surgeries might cost much higher in developed metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and so on while the cost in the countryside might be much lower in comparison.

  1. The reputation of the clinic and its surgeons

Well-established clinics and well-known doctors and consultants specialized in the field take a much higher fee. But, the patients must be careful enough to take recommendations from the patients and doctors before plunging themselves into such procedures. The patients must look for experienced surgeons and not the ones who unnecessarily dig a hole in your pocket through their fees.

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