Why breast jobs and hair transplant is the most popular cosmetic procedure in india

In the last decade, cosmetic surgeries have become quite popular in India, however in the last five years, the two most popular cosmetic procedures are breast jobs and hair transplant. India has the world’s largest young population under the age of 35 years and they have the spending power. Also, India has fast become one of the most popular countries to get plastic surgery because of the availability of board-certified plastic surgeons and international standard clinic facilities.

Plastic surgery has been a boon for many young women and men India because it is now affordable. There is no need to travel to a Western country to get the procedure done which proves expensive hence only limited people with affluence can get it. Also, appearance matter these days and young India is not circumspect to take advantage of plastic surgery.

Breast surgery in India

The most popular of breast surgeries are breast enhancement, breast lift and it seems men are frequently using the expertise of plastic surgeon for male breast reduction. If women want firm symmetrical breasts after being done having babies, men are more than eager to go under the knife to get rid of “man breasts” which many young men in India suffer due to various reasons.

Hair Transplant in Delhi

For many men and women hair fall has become a scourge for them. Many people in their twenties are losing hair at an astronomical rate which makes them look old. Hair transplant thanks to the endorsement of celebrities and also the eventual affordability is helping thousands of young men who suffer from male pattern baldness with great results.

It is only understandable to have some questions and concerns and here are few FAQ’s

Is hair transplant safe?

It is a very safe procedure which must be performed under local anesthetic in a sterile environment preferably by a plastic surgeon. All side effects have medications which can make the problem go away in a just a couple of days and one can even join the office the next day or just a couple of days after the hair transplant.

Can male breast reduction solve the problem of man breasts permanently?

Unequivocally yes. Male breast reduction is generally performed under general anesthetic so the patient does not feel any pain and is asleep. The doctor using liposuction suction out all the fat out of the chest area and if required removes the breast glands. This effect leads to a permanent solution to male breast pattern.

What is the recovery period for any breast surgery?

Most breast surgeries are outpatient procedures which mean the patient can check in the morning and leave home in the evening. If it is male breast reduction or gynecomastia it is important to take a couple of days off and for women who went for breast enhancement, breast lift or booth it is important not to do any household work for few weeks. However, over the years, the recovery period has reduced and in just a few weeks patients can get back to normal activities.



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