Never worry about the cost of hair transplant it’s the result that should concern us

Never worry about the cost of hair transplant it’s the result that should concern us

Hair transplant in India is a very big deal because a lot of men and even women are getting this procedure done to bring about a change in their lives. When we start to lose our hair it alters our appearance but this process should be gradual but what happens when we lose hair and by the time we are thirty we look like we are forty? That is where the need for this procedure comes into play because hair transplant is primarily being embraced by the young but the fact is even men in their fifties and sixties are opting for it because of appearance matters. Cost or results, what do you want? If you want to buy something which is the premium there is a cost because it means you are purchasing a quality item. Hair transplant is also all about premium and yes there is a cost involved because good things cost. But the good news is it not that expensive as some may perceive. Hair transplant in India is quite affordable in fact too affordable which leads to the question Is it worth it? The answer is NO, it is not worth it. Clinics that offer very low cost for hair transplant often cut corners and it is the patients who pay the price and it is very costly. Should a person care more about the cost or the result? If we look from the prism of pragmatism one should always think about the result, after all, it has been said that hair transplant is a long-term investment. People already know the ins and outs of hair transplant because there is plenty of reading material out there but it is nothing like getting the right information form a true expert in the field and Dr. Mayank Singh who is a board certified plastic surgeon and director of Radiance Cosmedic center for excellence in hair transplant and plastic surgery is the true expert in the world of hair reclamation and aesthetics. So if you plan to get the hair transplant its ok to worry about the cost […]

The purpose for getting hair transplant is to cover bald spot and the new hair must look natural

It is a sad reality that most of the hair transplant procedure that is performed in India end up leaving a very bad experience in the hearts and mind of patients and the reason for that is, the new hair growth does not look natural. Many people who may not be aware of what is the true nature and purpose of hair transplant may think that this procedure is only meant to cover a bald spot. Well, they are right but only to a certain level because there is the lot more to it. Covering of the bald area is just one objective but it must be done in a way that looks aesthetically correct. We all style our hair that matches our facial symmetry but if the new hair growth does not fall under that conformity our look changes dramatically and not for the better. It is not easy to fix bad hair transplant Hair transplant thanks to its popularity is now very much affordable to middle-class India but unfortunately, there are many clinics that offer really low cost but the poor quality of service in return which has left many people doubting this path-breaking medical marvel. If good results are to be expected the surgery must be performed by a plastic surgeon because this is a cosmetic treatment. Only then a natural hair growth is possible. Also if you are the victim of bad hair transplant it is possible you may not have enough donor hair to go for round two to fix it. So remember we all have the limited amount of donor’s hair so we must be careful who performs the surgery and they must have all the right medical equipment so you can get a natural hair growth.  

Common misconceptions about hair transplant that is still plagued on people


It seems even after so much extensive advertisement there are still many lingering questions and misconceptions about hair transplant procedure. Over the last five years hair transplant has really taken prominence all over the world and in India, it is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. But somehow people still have some misgivings and some of the ideas borderline amusement to the ridicules. So here are few amusing and ridicules misconceptions about hair transplant. Some say the procedure entails where hair is shaved off from one part of your head and glued back to the bald area. Hair transplant is done by taking another person’s hair and attaching it to your scalp. The pictures that we see are doctored and celebrities are paid to give endorsement so people are motivated to visit hair transplant clinic. It’s possible to get the same level of density after the hair transplant. Hair transplant is a very scientific medical procedure where the hair from the back or the side of the scalp is extracted from its roots and then carefully implanted in an angle that will look natural. The full growth cycle of a hair transplant procedure is anywhere between nine to twelve months and it must be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Why hair follicles must be carefully harvested during hair transplant surgery  

Even one wrong step in hair transplant will result in poor result a patient and that is a reality. The fact is when someone has been given a bad hair transplant it is not easy to fix the problem because the main consideration is the availability of donor’s hair. During hair transplant, the donor’s hair is found at the back of the patient’s head. The hair that grows on the back of our head is immune to baldness but once removed and harvested it does not grow back, i.e. the supply is limited. That is why it is crucial the grafts are taken out carefully and make sure not to leave visible space. If a mistake is made hear chances are you’re left with the dual problem. First is the visible poor transplant result and second fewer grafts to work with next time if you decide to get it fixed. So make sure the doctor is a plastic surgeon because they are the true experts of this procedure because lest we forget this is a cosmetic procedure requiring a delicate touch. To have good results the doctor must match patient to the transplant method best suited for them which means it is the responsibility of the doctor to select the best hair transplant technique and that are FUE or FUT which is also known as the strip method.  In FUT a portion of tissue from the back of the head is removed and transplanted and in this procedure, one can harvest a wider supply of hair but it leaves behind an unavoidable scar. But if the surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon there will be a mere “pencil line”. But if the follicles are not properly harvested then when they are implanted on the bald area of the head there will not be sufficient growth and once the hair is removed from the back of the scalp it will not re-grow. That is why proper harvesting of hair follicles is so important during hair transplant procedure so that maximum coverage can be achieved which will lead  to dense […]

PRP treatment has totally revolutionized how we deal with hair loss

PRP procedure is based on the application of platelet-rich plasma which is proving to be highly effective in patients suffering from non-scarring alopecia. This application has been put to good use in the last year and has done wonders for patients who suffer from androgenetic alopecia which is a common form of hair loss in both men and women. Before PRP treatment is given the patient is first submitted to a comprehensive medical evaluation and only then the doctor would proceed. When the procedure commences PRP treatment consists of four sessions every 15 days and then three maintenance doses once a month. Our hair is important to us given its psychological value as hair loss can affect the external image of a person. How is it done? In this procedure, doctors draw blood from the patient who is suffering from hair loss and to extract the plasma and platelets they use centrifuge machine. Once the plasma is extracted it is then injected back into the patient’s scalp. Already a lot of research has gone into the medicinal qualities of plasma to help patients overcome illnesses and injury and it is fortuitous that it is also very helpful in hair regeneration. PRP has the power to activate dormant hair follicles PRP is a very safe procedure, however, there are some side effects like soreness at the injection site, redness, and headache according to the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery. However, these effects are temporary and there are medications which the doctor will prescribe if necessary. PRP is the procedure to stimulate inactive or dormant hair follicles to help you regain hair density.