Precautions which people must take before and after hair transplant

It is imperative that patients follow pre-operative and post-operative instructions given to them by their doctors in order to get the best results for their hair transplant procedure so optimal healing and growth of newly transplanted hair is possible.

Here are few points on must follow before having a hair transplant procedure done

  • Avoid any anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin that thin the blood which could increase the risk of post-operative bleeding
  • Also if you are on vitamin E or Plavix, Coumadin or MAO inhibitor anti-depression drugs must contact us, since hair transplant surgery cannot be done while on these drugs.
  • Do not use Viagra or ‘enhancement ‘drugs for 48 hours before surgery.
  • The only anti-inflammatory drug that can be used during this time is acetaminophen (Tylenol).
  • Alcohol use should be stopped 72 hrs prior to surgery and nicotine consumption (smoking, chewing tobacco, nicotine gums/patches, cigars, shisha, etc.) should be stopped and avoided for 2 weeks before and 3 weeks after surgery.

Here are few points on must follow after having a hair transplant procedure done

  • Do not consume alcohol 72 hours after the hair transplant procedure
  • Abstain from smoking for three days after the procedure
  • Do not take aspirin or any blood thinners as they may cause bleeding (except when approved by your doctor)
  • Sleep with head elevated for the first few nights after the procedure
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for three weeks following hair restoration surgery
  • You can walk briskly or play golf after 7 days. Sex may be resumed after 24 hours
  • When the bandage is removed shower and shampoo your scalp 3 times
  • In the first week Shampoo your scalp very gently
  • After maybe 10 to 14 Days the grafts hold becomes permanent only then resume normal shampooing and hair care
  • When you step out of the house wear a hat in strong sunlight for the first three weeks

If you follow all the post-operative instructions then you give yourself a better result for your hair transplant. When the hair transplant procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and patient follow all the instruction in most cases the hair transplant is almost undetectable after the first two to three weeks.

Hair Transplant Before After Results:

precautions from hair transplant The doctor will also prescribe medication because in some cases there could be for swelling on the forehead almost always gone by the end of the first week. If you face any other problem contact your doctor immediately.

In the beginning following hair surgery and before new hair starts to grow, there will be some shedding of your original hair. The transplanted area may temporarily appear slightly thinner but this is a transient occurrence and gets corrected when new hair begins to grow. If you have followed all the steps advised by your doctor then this should not be a cause for concern.Hair Transplant before and after Results in Delhi 27

After you had your hair transplant in most cases new hair starts to grow around 10 weeks time. In many cases, hair can be groomed in 4 to 6 months. It takes almost one year to have fully grown Hair. So if you are in looking to get a hair transplant and regain your lost radiance then do some research and find the best hair transplant specialist and go for it.

Hair Transplant before and after Results in Delhi 43Hair transplant procedure is safe these days and gives you excellent results.



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