Top 5 Reasons Why Young Men Choose Hair Transplant as the Most Preferred Option

It’s a well-established fact that men are more prone to hair loss and baldness than women because of the presence of a male hormone called Dihydrotestosterone. With gradually evolving technological advancements, the mainstream life of young men has observed a marked shifting towards plenty of stressful conditions and extended working hours.
Owing to inconsistent and erratic sleep patterns, soaring pollution levels, poor water quality and unhealthy food habits, hair is adversely affected. Therefore, to fight hair loss and look their superior best numerous individuals are now plumping for foremost treatments like a hair transplant.

The 5 principal reasons for many young men to choose hair transplant as the ultimate solution to hair loss and male pattern baldness are as follows.

1. Increase in average income level

Increase in average income level

Qualified hair transplant surgeons from some of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi NCR assert that nowadays, more than 60% of their patients fall in the age group between 25 and 30. Previously hair transplant was mainly considered by men aged between 40 and 60. These days, men start earning from a very early age. This has given rise to increased decision making on their part to choose an exclusive and costly treatment like a hair transplant.


2. Increase in consciousness about looks

Increase in consciousness about looksMen have begun to invest increasingly on their looks. Earlier the aspect of looking good and appealing was the domain of women only. But now the situation has changed very much. In the present times, men are also a prime target market segment for sundry cosmetic products or surgeries. In their young age, men have now started focusing considerably on their looks and overall appearance.



3. Increase in social engagement

Increase in social engagement

With the right quality and excellently styled hair, there is a significant boost in their confidence level and personality. Often many hair transplant in Delhi reviews, talk about how a successful hair transplant has led to broadening of the social circle of a person with more friends and acquaintances and an overall sound and enjoyable lifestyle.


4. Increase in nurturing a healthy spousal relationship

Increase in nurturing a healthy spousal relationship

In general, men hope to get hitched and settle down between 25 and 30. Sometimes baldness or a receding hairline becomes a hindrance for men to find their appropriate life partners. For that reason, to get a decent life partner and keep up an upbeat conjugal life, most young men prefer hair transplant as the prime solution. Top 10 hair transplant clinics in Delhi provide accounts of innumerable cases how a gainful hair transplant have helped prospective grooms in finding their desired life partners.


5. Increase in substantial career growth

Increase in substantial career growth

In today’s highly competitive age, it becomes imperative to take after power dressing on the off chance that one needs to move up the professional ranks. By looking youthful and attractive, men can clinch many deals and negotiations and imbibe a feeling of confidence while performing their job. They can likewise expand their odds of cracking an interview for their dream job by looking elegant and well groomed.



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