Common questions asked by patients when it comes to hair transplant

  • Common questions asked by patients when it comes to hair transplant

Undergoing a hair transplant is an important, even life-changing, step so here are some very common questions asked by patients How much will it cost? In India, hair transplant is quite affordable and in many cases clinics offer very cheap price but that does not mean the quality of service might be great. Hair transplant is a very delicate procedure and requires skills of a plastic surgeon and the cost is always slightly high because for the quality one must pay a reasonable price. Who should I go to for my surgery? This is a very simple question to answer and one must always choose a plastic surgeon because this is a cosmetic surgery and only a plastic surgeon can do justice. In India, even general practitioners are doing this surgery but often the end results are not very good. How much will it hurt? There is always some pain in any surgery and anyone who claims otherwise is just lying. The only time the patient will feel discomfort is when the anesthetics are given to numb the head so that the follicles can be extracted and implanted in the designated area. How noticeable will the scarring be? Scarring depends on the type of hair transplant technique the doctor will use. In FUE there will be no scarring and in FUT there will be a thin linear scar on the back of the head but once the hair starts to grow it will not be visible. How long before signs of growth are visible? Initial signs of growth can take anything from three to four months because the newly implanted hair will follow the hair’s natural growth cycle. Beyond that, the full effects will take around nine to twelve months. Will everyone know? If you want this to be secret then stay away from people you know for few weeks so the healing process is complete or you can wear a hat as the surgical area will be red and a little obvious. After the procedure, the hair grows slowly but if the doctor has done everything right and you […]

How to estimate the cost of the hair transplant procedures

  • How to estimate the cost of the hair transplant procedures

In today’s era, hair loss has become a major problem being faced by not only men but women as well. Hence, the demand for hair transplants has skyrocketed in recent years, but “how much does the hair transplant surgeries cost” remains one of the most frequently asked questions till today. There are various different techniques involved in hair transplantation, hence, the overall cost of hair transplant surgeries depends on a number of factors which include the number of grafts required to be made for the surgeries, the method adopted for transplantation as well as the reputation and the location of the clinic. People who have been recommended for undergoing a hair transplant procedure must be well aware of sufficient information on price and availability of the hair transplant surgeries in the nearby areas. However, advances in technology and development of hair restoration techniques have resulted in hair transplants to become more accessible and more affordable for the common people. Before undergoing hair transplant surgeries, it becomes important for the patients to get a clear idea about how much money they are going to spend on the treatment. THE FACTORS THAT DECIDE THE COST OF HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERIES ARE: The surgical procedures that are needed to be performed The technologies used -The cost of the transplant depends on the surgical procedures that are undertaken. The use of laser technologies for your transplant would definitely demand a high fee. The number of follicular grafts made, used and transplanted – The treatment cost also depends on the number of follicular grafts that are made and transplanted. If the patient is going through the stage of baldness, a larger area of the scalp needs to be covered and transplanted with hair; hence the cost will be higher as compared to the first or second stage patients. The density of hair desired – The density of the hair desired by the patients on their scalp also plays a major role in deciding the cost of the procedure. The location of the clinic: The average price of a hair transplant surgery in the United States ranges […]

7 things you need to know but no one tells you before you gain expertise in hair transplant surgery

The world still carries the perception that they still do plugs The greatest achievement and success for a hair transplant surgeon is to make his work unnoticeable and look natural. Still, many people who are mistrust of this reliable process do assume hair transplantation to look like ‘uncle’s old plugs’.   Career in Hair transplanting takes many years to build up This field demands hard-work. Many people who think that becoming a hair transplant surgeon is not too difficult would be surprised to know that unlike other fields in medical science, it might take even more than ten years to gain expertise in the field. While, many of us consider pre-medical preparations and getting into a medical school to consume time, post-graduation and training and specialised training can also extend the time being consumed from ten to twelve years especially when one gets quite late in discovering this field. The hair transplant surgeons are always in demand In social gatherings and meetings, the other is fascinated to know that one pursues a profession of performing hair transplant surgeries. A common problem being faced by males and females, hair loss and its solutions become a centre of discussion and instead of getting shy, the people show their interest and storm in with questions about the procedures of such hair transplant surgeries. Hai transplant surgeons make a huge impact on the lives of their patient Hair loss and baldness might be crushing, depressing and heart-breaking for many men. Even the most engaging and fun-loving extroverts turn into socially disconnected introverts. They are even made fun of or called by names because of their baldness which crush them from inside. Hair transplant surgeries are the best solution to bring back their lost confidence and happiness. It might take about a year to perform repetitive grafting of follicular units, but it brings a huge transformation into their lives. They need to work in millimetres. In order to create natural and dense transplant, it is important to work with minuteness and the largest follicle area that can be taken should not exceed 1.2mm in total. […]

Hair transplant can only cover your bald spot not give you original thickness

  • Hair transplant can only cover your bald spot not give you original thickness

There is a lot of misconception that hair transplant will give back the original thickness of the hair that was lost. This is simply not true because hair transplant is nothing but a carefully crafted cosmetic procedure done to hide or camouflage the bald area. However enough hair is implanted to give the optics that the person is no longer bald or the baldness is concealed from the prying eyes. That is why when a doctor or any add that appears on newspaper and magazine claim to provide full hair coverage is factually wrong because it is not possible unless the hair loss damage is not that intensive. There is something called donor hair Hair transplant can only depend on one thing and one thing only, donor hair. The more donor hair the patient has the more coverage they can get. But there is a caveat, the doctor can only take just about enough donor hair at one go because if more donor hair is taken from the back and side of the head, the skin on the back of the head will be exposed to the naked eye along with a linear scar if the procedure was a follicular unit transplant. Hair transplant is all about the aesthetics and it is simply not possible to give a person the original thickness and if a doctor claims they can do that they are not being honest. Radiance Cosmedic Center for excellence in hair transplant is the clinic to go and get proper consultation for hair reclamation procedure and to know what is and what is not possible to have realistic expectations from the procedure.

Hair loss and male breast pattern are the scariest visible medical condition for men

Any and all medical condition must be taken seriously and we must find the right doctor to address the problem and solve it. But sometimes there are conditions that are not only problematic in nature but they are also quite embarrassing to have and two such scariest visible medical condition for men are hair loss at a young age and male breast pattern. When we lose hair we look much older then what actually we are and it alters our look and personality which can have the direct impact on confidence and emotional balance. With regards to male breast pattern it is problem faced by adolescents and after some time it goes away but for some men, it remains permanent or due to poor lifestyle and being overweight. Hair transplant and male breast reduction is an effective medical procedure To resolve either of the two problems one must first visit a plastic surgeon who can either perform hair transplant or Gynecomastia the medical term for male breast reduction surgery. Both the surgeries are outpatient procedures which mean you will be back home by evening. The only difference is the recovery period and how quick one can see the results. Now it is obvious with hair transplant that it will take some time and if done properly in just four months there will be sufficient growth which can be cut and styled. For male breast reduction surgery the results are immediate but for a few weeks, the patient would have to wear a surgical compression garment which will be customized to give shape to the chest and flatten it. Both these are the cosmetic procedure which means it has to be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon for best results. Because after the surgery your life will change for the better and you look and feel like you used to be. No longer you have to feel conscious about your looks and appurtenance and will be able to lead a normal happy life.