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    Balaji Subramanian

    I had my hair transplant done back in July 2014 by Dr. Mayank Singh and the results are simply unbelievable. My hair looks natural and I feel young and confident. Thank you, Dr. Mayank

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    Anurag Bhardwaj

    I can’t thank Dr. Mayank enough for the great job he did with my hair transplant. In just three months I could see how good the results were. Thanks, Doctor

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    Dinesh Kumar

    I have been referred by my friend to consult Dr. Mayank. I visited and saw the handwritten testimonials on board and some old patients sitting. I discussed it with. Finally, when I met Dr. Mayank, I decided to go for it. Today, I am happy to refer others to him.

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Award-Winning Hair Transplant Clinic

Hundreds of satisfied clients with phenomenal hair transplant results in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NCR. Experience and expertise are what Radiance Cosmedic Centre of Excellence in Hair Rejuvenation and Hair Transplant is all about.



Dr. Mayank Singh

Super-Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi, India

Dr. Mayank has headed a hair transplant center as a consultant in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, South Delhi, West Delhi and has successfully performed over 3000+ hair transplants on patients from India and abroad. Currently, he is the Director of Radiance Cosmedic Centre in New Delhi, Greater Kailash and Janak Puri.

Awarded Top 100 Plastic Surgeons in the World

He was attached to various aesthetic clinics in Delhi, NCR as a consultant plastic, cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon for the past several years. He also gave his expert services to underprivileged patients at ESI Medical College, Center Hospitals, and various other Research Centres in the past.

Awarded as Plastic Surgeon in the Month of March 2019 Top Hair Transplant Surgeon 2018 Top 100 Hair Transplant Surgeon International Society of hair restoration surgery


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    Those who have lost a lot of hair would fondly remember how it felt while running their fingers through their hair. With the advancement in cosmetic treatments, it is now possible to regain that lost feeling with Non-surgical hair transplants. It is a faster and less expensive hair reclamation procedure where the effects produce natural hair which can be styled in any way you want.


    In our clinic, the patient’s scalp is carefully examined to determine where the strand needs to be added and then the new hair is placed in a Strand-by-Strand process by a trained hair professional. This process adds the extra volume and density for your desire and all hair strands are placed in an exact angle and direction of your hair growth which makes it virtually undetectable.


    A direct hair transplant (DHT) is a non-surgical Hair Replacement Technique that is widely used in Delhi, Gurugram, NCR that gives people who suffer from massive hair loss and cannot have normal hair implant due to shortage of donor hair follicles, a full head of natural-looking hair. The result is the desired density with zero side effects and it is a very cost-effective procedure.


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    Hair Transplant Consultation Procedures

    TESTS With High-End Equipment



We use Advanced Surgical Techniques to recreate the hairline with a high degree of precision and provide maximum bald area coverage. This process is done using your hair, which grows naturally and the results are permanent. We use the very latest standards in surgical procedures like Micro follicular hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Hair Transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Transplantation for better results.

We use our own patented technology R ULTIMA which allows us to harvest maximum grafts in a single sitting. Also, the I RAD technology helps the grafts to be implanted with “No Touch Feather Technique” by minimizing the time the graft is outside the body.


Listed on American Board of hair restoration Surgery


With over 3000 successful hair transplant surgeries, Radiance Cosmedic Centre has created a brand of excellence for itself. Dr. Mayank is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Delhi with several awards under his name.

Our service quality is unmatched and we provide the latest cosmetic treatment surgeries with high-end results and maximum client satisfaction.

Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

How is a hair transplant done?

Usually, you can avail of the procedure at the doctor’s facility offering state-of-the-art hair transplant services in Delhi. At the outset, your scalp will be cleaned by the surgeon subsequent to which an anesthetic medicine will be injected to make the back of your head numb. Based on your individual condition and choice your doctor may decide on any one of the two widely prevalent hair transplant procedures.

What are the risks of getting hair transplants?

All surgeries carry some risks. The situation is no different as far as hair transplants are concerned. They too have risks such as infection and bleeding. Also, there are chances of scarring on your scalp and the growth of unnatural-looking new hair. All these vital pieces of information can be acquired through hair transplant in Delhi reviews online.

What should be your expectations from a hair transplant?

Immediately after the surgery, your scalp may have extreme tenderness. The need to take pain-relieving medications for many days may be imperative. A surgeon who performs robotic hair transplant in Delhi says that you may be required to wear bandages all over the scalp for a couple of days. Following this, the surgeon may advice you with a prescription of an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medication to be taken for several days.

How long do hair transplants take?

According to hair transplant doctors Delhi, the process may involve around 4 to 8 hours depending the size of the transplant you have opted for. Also, there’s likelihood to follow up with one more procedure later on the off chance you keep on losing hair or make a decision about growing thicker hair.

Who might use Botox for hair?

Even people whose hair is damaged due to heat styling or coloring may take advantage of Botox for hair which makes it smoother and stronger. Botox injections are recommended for people whose scalps undergo excessive sweating which can make their hair grimy and stringy very quickly. The best hair transplant expert in Delhi says that people who receive Botox injections may have the ability to keep from washing their hair for longer periods.

How does Botox for hair work?

The same holds good for Botox injections on the face to bring about a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox for hair comes in packages of combination products like collagen, vitamins, and essential oils. Even you’ll find hair repair lotions and treatments available for online purchase. According to the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi, Botox injections can lead to fewer occurrences of frizz and you can keep your hair manageable for a longer period without a wash.

Are there any risks of Botox for hair injections?

While topically administered Botox injections for hair have the intent of strengthening the hair and improving its appearance, occasionally you may expect the opposite to occur. Nearly all stylists from a leading clinic offering the best hair transplant in Delhi don’t suggest using these treatments for more than 3 to 4 times in a year or else you may come across thinning and dullness of hair.

Finding the right surgeon

While you continue your search for one of the best cosmetic surgeons see to it they’re board certified. In the course of your consultation, you may wish to inquire about the following information from the cosmetic surgery team of the best clinic for hair transplant Delhi. Total years of experience it has with cosmetic surgery especially forehead reduction surgery Before-and-after photos of clients who have been subjected to the surgery

How much does forehead reduction surgery cost?

Since it’s a cosmetic procedure just like the best hair transplant in Delhi, medical insurance won’t be covering this for you. The majority of plastic surgeons show a preference towards booking for and having an initial consultation just prior to providing you with an estimate of the costs involved. The cost of the surgery may keep varying based on a selection of factors that includes the experience and the expertise of the surgeon, extent of the surgery, etc.

What complications can occur from the surgery?

The best hair specialist Delhi says that every surgical procedure comes with its share of risks and complications. Risks associated with forehead reduction surgery include: Blood loss during the surgery or post-surgery, The usual side effects of general anesthesia, An allergic reaction to general or local anesthesia. For nearly all people, the benefits which they gain from a forehead reduction surgery outnumber the associated risks. You may experience minimally visible scars and long-term effects if the surgery is done by a seasoned, skilled professional.

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