A Good Candidate for Females Hair Transplant

Hairs add a spark in the beauty of females, but when it starts to lose for a long period then women get tensed and start to find the effective ways to cover up their hair loss. Sometimes the hair loss reaches its peak and results in baldness in females. These types of conditions need medical treatment.

Hair transplant is also one option which is the most common treatment for the men’s hair restoration.

Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi said that a female’s hair transplant can be done but some females get difficulty in the process due to not having an adequate donor supply of the hairs from different parts of the body.
Top Hair Transplant Doctors Delhi said that there are some of the conditions on females in which the transplants can be done perfectly. Here are some of the body conditions mentioned below can easily make the donor area available in females:
• Hair Loss pattern: The hair loss pattern can also decide the transplant process. Some women have a pattern of losing hair from the front, top and crown but there are enough hairs preserved on the back and side. The hairs for transplantation can be taken from the back and side.

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• Congenital elevated hairline: Some women’s face is less feminine due to the imbalance of hormones. Excess hairs on the face like men occur in females under this condition. These females have enough hair to donate for their hair transplantation.
• Traction alopecia: Mostly the women lose their hair due to alopecia in which the hair loss due to hair styling or using tight bands, braiding tight ponytails, dreads, etc. The lost hair can be stored and used again to transplant on the bald scalp.
• Transgender feminine hairline creation: Male to female transgender people needs the hair transplant so much and it becomes necessary for them to again restore the hair. Hair from face cab is plucked and restored to a new place for a good famine look.
• Hair Loss due to a medical condition: Sometimes the hair loss due to some surgery, trauma, disease, lack of nutrients, etc. Under this condition also the loose hair can be stored and transplant again if needed.
• Facelift procedures: This is very common in females to lose their hair due to facelift procedures. The scars of the facelift make the hair loss more visible. A facelift is a process of tightening facial skin through surgery.

According to the Best Doctor for hair transplant Delhi, male hair transplantation is common but females need to be examined and then only the decision can be taken that whether she is a good patient or not for the hair transplant. However, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) processes can be proved as a good option for hair transplantation in females.

Final Words

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