Common Hereditary Issue For Hair Loss Problem in Men

As we all know that heredity affects people in different ways. Among all the effects, hereditary hair loss is also one of the major problems which people have to face. However, loss of hair with age is common but sometimes baldness at a young age can make a man feel embarrassed in front of others.

Hereditary Hair loss

If we talk about the hereditary hair loss then it seems a very normal problem. Commonly, the hair falls with age but sometimes at very little age, many men have to face the baldness or patches or shedding of hairs at the age of puberty. This happens due to the male hormone testosterone which converts in the scalp to another hormone, dihydrotestosterone. Hair losses, in a pattern which can be thinning of the hairline, appearance of bald spots or thin lining of the hair.

According to the Hair transplant doctors in Delhi, the hereditary hair loss means the loss of hair runs in families. This condition is also known as androgenic alopecia. Some of the things which will give you the sign that you are also having the hereditary hair loss are:
• The age at which hair loss starts.
• The speed of the hair fall.
• Type of pattern at which the hair is falling.
• Another hereditary effect of hair loss is the size of hair follicles, growth of hairs, shedding of hairs from which part and how often they are increasing.

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How to Treat The Hair Loss?

Top 100 Hair Transplant Doctors said that hair loss can be cured with medicinal treatment. Sometimes hair losses naturally, due to some illness, stress, lack of vitamins or some other reasons. Here are some of the medicinal treatment which will help to reduce the hair loss be it a natural or hereditary loss. Check out:
• There is one medicine prescribed by the doctors named Finasteride (Propecia) which helps to block the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The hair follicles will not affect by this hormone and will enlarge again to its normal size and reduce the hair loss.
• Lack of vitamin E can also be a reason for hair loss. Doctors will also prescribe to take Vitamin E supplements.
• Best Doctor for Hair Transplant in Delhi said that this is not a cause of tension because medically the baldness can be treated very well that it will give you the feel of a natural look. If medicines are not affecting then there is the option of hair transplant to get a natural look.

Final Word

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