Common Myths and Facts About Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a very common problem and on average, almost every human being has to struggle daily with the hair tangles near their surroundings. Some people deal with it casually while others take it as a serious problem and consult with the hair specialist.

There are many Best Clinics for hair transplant Delhi where the treatment is done under various medical conditions. Some people are treated with medicines while some are suggested to do the hair transplant.

If you are suggested to do the hair transplant then it is suggested to choose the best hair transplant in Delhi because you will get the best hair transplant cost in Delhi as compared to other hospitals.

As we know that everything which is done ha some myth and people often believes in them. The same is the case with hair transplants. Best Doctor for Hair Transplant in Delhi informed us of the basic myths and their facts about the hair transplant process. Here are some of them:

Common Myths and Their Facts

1. Myth: The transplanted hair will also fall after some time. This is the wastage of money.

Fact: This is not at all fact that the money invested in hair transplant is waste. The transplanted hair stays almost for a lifetime. They fall for 2-3 weeks after the treatment but they come back soon. The exact result will be seen after one year.

2. Myth: Hair restorations are not permanent

Fact: The hair follicles are taken where there are full hair hormones. They even work naturally when shifted to the bald areas.

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3. Myth: Brain gets damage after treatment

Fact: The fact is that the hair transplant is done on the dermis deep of the skin where the brain is not affected.

4. Myth: Hair treatment is very painful

Fact: Top 100 Hair Transplant Doctors have confirmed that the patient doesn’t have to suffer from any type of pain during treatment. It is done under local anesthesia and the patient can do the normal work form the next day.

5. Myth: Anyone’s hair can be used for the treatment

Fact: This is a 100% myth because only the patient’s hair follicles are used for hair transplantation. This has been shifted from one body part to another bald area.

6. Myth: Artificial look of hairs

Fact: The surgery is done by the experts and thus they determine the exact location to transplant the hairs which gives it a natural look.

7. Myth: Extra care is needed

Fact: In actual no extra care is needed after hair transplantation. It works naturally and you can maintain them as like you were doing with your natural hairs. However, for the few months after surgery, it needs special care but that is not applicable for the whole life.

Final Words

Radiance Cosmedic Centre is the hospital where you will get the Best Doctor for hair transplant, Delhi. The treatment is done with modern equipment and technology to give natural looks to the transplanted hairs. If you are being uncomfortable with your baldness or fewer hairs then visit Radiance Cosmedic Centre to consult your problem with the doctors.



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