Everything You Should Have to Know About Hair Transplantation

The Delhi NCR region is known to have the Top 100 hair transplant doctors and it adheres with the excellence of years and more than 3000 cases of hair transplantation being resolved.

Depending upon the scalp quality and hair texture the best doctor for hair transplantation in Delhi advises the following methods to adapt:


Grafts of hairs plucked in stands of 1-4 inches are placed in the receipt’s site which is plucked from the donor’s site to help have a natural hair growth.


The injection that contains rich platelet- plasma and hyaluronic acid are inserted into mesoderm to treat the area that is scarce of hair.

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From the back of the head hair in strands are pulled out which leaves back tiny dots and they are later covered by hair.


There might be chances when you might pluck out hair through FUE method that does not match so then comes in the robotic hair transplant method which automatically grafts the hair which would match your scalp. This practice has become very common and is actively practiced by the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi.


The rate of hair fall as considerably increased and so this cosmetic surgery that helps in hair implant has become popular. This is not only an cost effective process but a time saving one too.


For the best hair transplant techniques it is important first to test the scalp and make sure it is not subjected to any risk and post that test that the hair matches the scalp where it needs to be implanted.

The following are few of the best practices:

• Direct hair transplant- DHT is a technique which is adopted when the natural hair growth is not possible due to shortage of donor follicles.
• FUE and FUT- Here your own hair strands are grafted from the donor site and implanted on the area where there is hair shortage. This would later give the scalp a natural hair growth look.

The Best Clinic for hair transplant Delhi use R ULTIMA and I RAD technology to implant the hair without touching the scalp.


We care about your emotion, time value and money invested. So before the process is started which might consume a full day or long hours the person is informed accordingly. Then you are being assisted with a local anesthesia or any oral or local medicine so that the pain that is incurred during the process becomes minimal and is bearable.

According to the people experience it is seen that the process is worth the money spent. Hair transplant cost in Delhi would range somewhere around INR 3000 to INR 1.35 Lakhs depending upon the technique used, the medication and the doctors charges. This charge would vary from condition to condition.

It is suggested to have a deep understanding on hair transplantation, the risk adjoined to it and also have a good review before the process is undergone as everything should be worth investment.



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