Hair loss and male breast pattern are the scariest visible medical condition for men

Any and all medical condition must be taken seriously and we must find the right doctor to address the problem and solve it. But sometimes there are conditions that are not only problematic in nature but they are also quite embarrassing to have and two such scariest visible medical condition for men are hair loss at a young age and male breast pattern.

When we lose hair we look much older then what actually we are and it alters our look and personality which can have the direct impact on confidence and emotional balance. With regards to male breast pattern it is problem faced by adolescents and after some time it goes away but for some men, it remains permanent or due to poor lifestyle and being overweight.

Hair transplant and male breast reduction is an effective medical procedure

To resolve either of the two problems one must first visit a plastic surgeon who can either perform hair transplant or Gynecomastia the medical term for male breast reduction surgery. Both the surgeries are outpatient procedures which mean you will be back home by evening. The only difference is the recovery period and how quickly one can see the results.

Now it is obvious with hair transplant that it will take some time and if done properly in just four months there will be sufficient growth which can be cut and styled. For male breast reduction surgery the results are immediate but for a few weeks, the patient would have to wear a surgical compression garment which will be customized to give shape to the chest and flatten it.

Both these are the cosmetic procedure which means it has to be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon for best results. Because after the surgery your life will change for the better and you look and feel like you used to be. No longer you have to feel conscious about your looks and appurtenance and will be able to lead a normal happy life.


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