Hair transplant can only cover your bald spot not give you original thickness

There is a lot of misconception that hair transplant will give back the original thickness of the hair that was lost. This is simply not true because hair transplant is nothing but a carefully crafted cosmetic procedure done to hide or camouflage the bald area. However, enough hair is implanted to give the optics that the person is no longer bald or the baldness is concealed from the prying eyes. That is why when a doctor or any add that appears on newspaper and magazine claim to provide full hair coverage is factually wrong because it is not possible unless the hair loss damage is not that intensive.

There is something called donor’s hair

Hair transplant can only depend on one thing and one thing only, donor’s hair. The more donor hair the patient has the more coverage they can get. But there is a caveat, the doctor can only take just about enough donor hair at one go because if more donor hair is taken from the back and side of the head, the skin on the back of the head will be exposed to the naked eye along with a linear scar if the procedure was a follicular unit transplant. Hair transplant is all about the aesthetics and it is simply not possible to give a person the original thickness and if a doctor claims they can do that they are not being honest.

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  2. The article posted was very informative and useful. You people are doing a great job. Keep going.


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