Some Important Causes for the Female Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss problems are very common in females. However, the male also suffers from the same problem but undoubtedly women hair loss ratio is much high than men. This happens due to the lack of some vitamins and minerals in the body which are affecting the overall health of the hair.

If your problem is very serious and you have reached the stage of being bald then must consult with hair specialist doctors. There are many Best Doctor for Hair Transplant in Delhi who can give you the best treatment to get thick hairs again.

Symptoms of Hair loss

The Best Doctor for hair transplant Delhi has suggested some of the signs and symptoms which will make you know that your hairs have started to fall and it can be lead to very serious hair condition. Check out:
• Thinning of hairs: Mostly the hair loss from the roots and thus if you see your partition is being broadened then understand that you are suffering from heavy hair loss problems.
• Baldness: The bald spots can be in the form of a circle or patchy on the scalp.
• Itchiness: Sometimes hair loss can also leave the scalp itchy and sometimes too painful.
• Hairs in the hands: Women get so many hairs in their hands as they touched their hairs.
• Body hair loss: Some medical conditions can lead to the loss of full body hair.

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Reason for Hair Loss

• The hair loss mostly occurs due to bad maintenance of the overall hair health. Improper washing, lack of oiling, lack of nourishment to the hairs make them dull which results in hair loss.
• Sometimes medical conditions, illness, medical therapies affect the hairs and thus they start to reduce.
• The hormonal changes also play a vital role in hair loss. Pregnancy, thyroids, periods problem, blood pressure are some of the common medical conditions.
• Eating unhealthy food also leads the hair to loss as they don’t get essentials vitamins for growth.
• Genetically hair loss problem is also one of the reasons which can make the hairs look dull and unhealthy.
• This is also one of the major reason which results in hair loss. Depression, stress, emotionally upset or some mishappenings in life can affect the balance of hormones and thus results in hair loss.

When to See a Doctor?

Hair loss is a very common problem and most people don’t bother about the hair loss. It is very important to talk with hair specialist if you are feeling itch, pain, baldness and other hair problems. There are about Top 100 Hair Transplant Doctors in Delhi who can treat your hair health.

Final Words

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