What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where the permanent hair on the back and the side of the scalp are harvested and implanted in the balding recipient areas in such a manner that they give a natural appearance to an individual.

Thus, you get completely natural, growing hair that is permanent for an aesthetic, youthful look.

Are the results permanent?

Every male has a permanent donor zone in which the hair does not have the DHT receptors hence the body testosterone cannot cause balding of the permanent zone therefore the transplanted hair results are permanent. The transplanted hair will achieve the same natural growth cycle for the rest of your life. The process of maintenance remains the same as before you started balding and the new hair can be washed, combed, oiled, cut and styled normally giving excellent “Aesthetic Results”.

Is hair transplantation painful?

Hair transplantation is not painful and you may have some discomfort initially but after that it is smooth sailing and while the doctor does the work you can watch TV, read a book or chat with your friends on the phone.

Is hair transplantation safe? Are there any side effects?

Hair transplantation is absolutely safe and has no major permanent side effects.

Who is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant?

Male Pattern Baldness or hereditary balding are ideal candidates for this procedure. Apart from that Women can also equally benefit from hair transplantation. We have performed hair transplantation for several other indication as well i.e. eyebrow reconstruction, eyelash reconstruction, post burns scarring alopecia, post traumatic scars, mustache and beard reconstruction.

What is the ideal age for hair transplantation?

If you are 21 years of age or above you can undergo hair transplantation, otherwise there is no age limit; and transplants have been carried out for people above 80 years of age. Your surgeon after evaluation will determine if you are the ideal candidate for hair transplantation.

How is hair transplantation done?

The hair on the back and sides of the scalp are permanent fixture even for bald men and they do not lose hair in these regions as explained above. The process is simple, the hair is removed from these regions either in a strip or as individual follicular units and transplanted into the balding area of the head. Once this is done, the transplanted hair taken from your back or the side will continues to grow normally for the rest of your life.

What is FUE and how it is different from the Strip method?

FUE (follicular unit extraction) and strip method are different procedures but the end result is exactly the same. The placement of the grafts (hair) and the final aesthetic look of the patient are also the same. The only difference lies in the extraction of the grafts. FUE grafts are removed one by one or in small groups whereas in strip method, an entire strip of hair is removed.

How many grafts will be required in my case?

That depends on case by case basis and the number of grafts required can only be concluded by taking a closer look at your balding area and the density of hair in your donor area (back of the scalp). Only after that a surgeon can a surgeon assess how many grafts will be required based upon the age of the patient, pattern of the baldness and the genetic balding pattern in the family.

How long does the hair transplantation procedure take?

Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure which may take between 4 to 10 hours depending upon the number follicles and the method being used for the procedure. You could check in the morning and by evening you can return home.

How soon can I get back to work after hair transplantation?

You can easily resume work on the next day or couple of days after the procedure Otherwise you do not have to worry about taking a long leave from your work and that is the convenience of the procedure.

When can I see the results after hair transplantation?

Hair is visible from day one after hair transplant and you can notice the gradual difference month after month. For the hair to grow to your normal full length, it takes around 6 to 12 months depending upon your growth rate.

How is Hair Transplant better than other options for balding individuals?

The transplanted hair is permanent which gives you a completely natural look and grows normally for the rest of your life. One can opt for hair weaving, extensions, bonding, but they are artificial and temporary and worst part they often cause damage to your existing hair or skin. Also artificial solutions have a major drawback since one has to visit the hair centers regularly for upkeep which is expansive.

Is one hair transplant enough or does the procedure have to be repeated?

Hair transplant is normally a one-time procedure. However, at times when a person has a larger area to be covered (Baldness) and with donor restriction this may need additional sitting to complete the hair transplant procedure.

Is hair transplantation an expensive procedure?

Hair transplant is a onetime Safe Investment which keeps on giving after you had the surgery because over the years the technique has improved giving better results. In order to bust the myth of it being an expensive procedure we have introduced a special offer of hair transplant for unlimited number of hair at a fixed price and without any hidden costs by FUT method.

Facts on Hair Loss

Hair loss is a stark reality and mostly men suffer from this problem and sometimes women. There are many reasons which can cause loss of hair. However with modern medicine and advanced surgical techniques, hair transplant has now become a reality and it is very safe procedure. If you choose to go for this procedure then it is very important to know that if you have clean habits the results will be far better.

Also it is good to have realistic expectation so that you are not disappointed with the results. We say this because it all depends upon the level of damage your scalp may have suffered and the number of grafts that you may require which in some cases might require more than two sittings.