FUT Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

FUT Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

It is the conventional method of hair transplant specifically for someone above grade 4 as per Norwood’s classification in which a stripe is harvested from the permanent donor area on the back and the side of the scalp. The harvested grafts are closed with sutures and can be removed after 10–14 days. Dissolvable sutures are also used these days which allows the patient the comfort of not returning to have the stitches removed. ‘Trichophytic Closure” is a brilliant technique which is used these days to help better conceal scarring, as some hair will grow through the scar.

After the stripe is surgically extracted the hair follicles are carefully dissected under the highly sterile condition and under adequate magnification. These grafts are carefully placed in the areas of hair loss (recipient area) after small, slits are made in the skin of the scalp in natural angle and direction to merge with existing hair pattern. This process lasts between 3-4 hours. Periodic breaks are allowed during the surgery for the patient to have refreshments and visit the restroom.

FUT Hair Transplant Doctor

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is used for those patients who have the need for extensive hair coverage. This procedure is also called a strip transplant because the surgeon will make a long thin incision on the back of the scalp and after harvesting the follicles it can be immediately implanted on the bald spot of the head. This procedure is used for those who need a lot of hair coverage and all this can be accomplished in just one sitting.

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