Hair Transplant Pre Surgery Tips

Hair Transplant Pre Surgery Tips

Deciding on getting a hair transplant done is one of the most important decisions and it is imperative to get everything right because you are investing time and money. Which is why pre-surgery tips are very important to prepare yourself so you are both physically and mentally at your best.

The following pre-surgery tips are important for a successful hair transplant

  1. Before surgery, the doctor will ask you take some blood test and this is mandatory.
  2. If you are taking any blood thinners inform the doctor immediately, as they may represent a contraindication to surgery.
  3. Do not get a haircut within two weeks of your procedure and Please leave your hair at least ½” in length in the back and on the sides to cover the sutures/staples after your procedure.
  4. Do not take any B or E vitamins for one week before your procedure because as these will increase bleeding. When you can start taking these vitamins again will be confirmed by your doctor post-surgery.
  5. Do not take Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications for one week prior to your procedure. At Radiance Cosmedic Center we will provide you with a list of medication to avoid before surgery.

You can take prescribed heart medication and blood pressure medication right up to, and include, the day of your procedure.

If you are a regular smoker of cigarette you must refrain from Smoking because “smoking causes restriction of blood vessels and decreased blood flow to the scalp due to its nicotine content.” Also cigarette smoke decreases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and this could lead to poor wound healing after a hair transplant and can increase possible wound infection and scarring. Also, smoking also contributes to poor hair growth which is why we recommend to the patient they must stop smoking at least three to four weeks before surgery and the same amount of period after the procedure.

  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for two weeks prior to your procedure because it can cause impediment during the surgery and also delay the healing process.
  • Do not drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages the day you are getting the procedure done because caffeine has properties which can increase bleeding and your sensitivity to medications which will be given to you during the procedure.

Though this surgery is performed under local anesthetic it is still necessary to bring along a friend or family member because sometimes a patient might feel a little drowsy and tired.

At Radiance Cosmedic Centre we believe in full discloser of all information so the patient can make an informed decision.

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