PRP and Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment

PRP and Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is one of the life’s painful realities but there are ways to overcome this problem and Radiance Cosmedic Centre for Excellence is Hair Transplant and Hair Care is the best Holistic hair care clinic in Delhi NCR. Here a patient will have all types of options and solutions to fight hair loss.

The options which are available for our patients would satisfy their need and after careful diagnosis and understanding the root cause of the hair loss, we recommend will variety treatments treatment services at our South Delhi Greater Kailash Clinic.

The services which we offer to combat hair loss are

Mesotherapy hair fall treatment

Of all hair treatment methods, Mesotherapy is completely a nonevasive and painless procedure. A patient who is suffering from hair loss can visibly feel a difference in just a few sittings after getting mesotherapy. After the minimum of ten sittings, the amount of high hair fall will stop and a patient would go back to regular hair breakage cycle. Also, this is one of the least time-consuming processes to stop hair loss because it just takes about ten minutes of your time. For those who feel they are losing hair more than their normal level Mesotherapy stems the fall of hair from your scalp and help rejuvenate by more blood flow back to your follicles.

PRP hair fall treatment

One of the most effective means to fight hair loss and rejuvenate the scalp is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy. This is a hair reclamation process which has completely revolutionized the fight against hair loss. This is again a less evasive procedure where blood is directly drawn from your body and by using centrifuge your blood Platelet between 60-100 extracted and spread across the scalp. This is again is not a time-consuming process but the results are simply brilliant because our blood platelet has special qualities which have the power to rejuvenate hair growth and stop hair fall.

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